Vova Vorotniov. Un Chien (V)andalou


19 October – 30 October
Petrivska 30/34

Visual Culture Research Center presents Un Chien (V)andalou exhibition by Vova Vorotniov and invites you to its opening on October 19, 18.00 at Petrivska 30/34, Kyiv.
Vova Vorotniov is one of the key figures of the Ukrainian post-graffiti scene. Working with subcultural codes and urban environment as public space of visual communication, Vorotniov gradually has expanded his horizon to exploring communication mechanisms of modernity.

The Un Chien (V)andalou exhibition is a homage to the surrealism tradition. Vorotniov uses surrealistic techniques of ready-made and collage for a vandal purpose: he snatches snippets of visual mundanity out of automatism of their routine and imperceptible functioning. Thus tries to expose their veiled symbolic mission as well as impose a new one, articulating different layers of signification. The artist returns formatted fragments to a viewer, modifying, step by step, symbolic mapping of our visual environment. Un Chien (V)andalou is a point of scattered interference, not expression, but ornament that like corrosion, erodes any totality and final meanings, causing anarchy in the field signification.

Vova Vorotniov is a conceptual artist with graffiti background, who continues to play with his “street” experience. Vorotniov explores the semiotic unconscious of everyday visuality, showing iconic structures and visual codes, which define our symbolic practices, but are left unreflected. Experimenting with mechanisms of production and broadcasting of signification in contemporary culture, Vova aims at provoking systemic failures in their concerted functioning.

Unrendered Spaces is a series of exhibitions dedicated to the strategies of perception of the urban and non-urban environment, the possibilities of its exploration by the means of art. Focused on the points of perceptive multiplicity of interpreting the living space, the project aims to play out the political, social and aesthetic zones of tension in its redefinition.

Visual Culture Research Center was founded in 2008 in order to create an interdisciplinary environment for the analysis of Ukraine’s post-Soviet condition in terms of art, knowledge and politics. Since then, VCRC has organized over 150 research and discussion events engaging Ukrainian and foreign scholars, and about 20 art exhibitions.
The exhibition is part of Visual Culture Research Center project Unrendered Spaces and is supported by ERSTE Foundation.

Opening hours: October 19 – October 30, Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 – 19:00.
Address: Kyiv, Petrivska Str., 30/34.