Libraries Biggest archive with links to digital texts in the web. A lot of books in English, including humanitarian. Registration required. Discussion network and digital texts of humanitarian direction, including theory and history of visual culture. Mainly in English. Registration required. Visual and Cultural Studies site’s library. Mainly russian texts on visual and cultural research. Library of creative platform “Chto delat?”. Books and articles in Russian and English devoted to art and politics. Archive of “Chto delat?” journal. Digital texts archive. Numerous English texts, including visual studies-oriented. Collection of links to libraries and sources at the Visual and Cultural Studies site. Updating сatalogue of links to digital texts. Search within categories available. Russian digital library, including some of the rare books on art study. Site devoted to European philosophy with updated electronic texts. Library of psychoanalysis in English and French. German source on history of art. Scanned rare literature on art in German. Big digital library “Gutenberg project”. Texts with no copyright. Internet archive of texts and media without copyright.,com_remository/Itemid,20/func,select/id,1/ Political and Cultural Left website’s library (not being updated). Scars of Différance site. Big philosophical library in English. Selection of blogs, links on texts found in the web.

Sites Website “Visual and Cultural Research” of European Humanitarian University. Literature, articles, links, visual materials. Site of Polish intellectual community and Krytyka Polityczna publishing house. Ukrainian page of Krytyka Polityczna. Website of political and cultural critique from the Left. Articles, translations into Ukrainian, Russian and English. Creative platform “Chto delat?”: newspaper “Chto delat?” archive, library and media. journal on art. German magazine on art (English version available). Artforum magazine site. website on contemporary art (cinema, music, literature, theatre, media… ) Collection of links to web-resources on humanitarian themes. Sited contemporary philosophy lectures (Badiou, Žižek, Kristeva…) British Leftist publishing house. Research on spatial dimension of decolonization the Centre for Research Architecture. Articles, links Avant-garde art archive (cinema, music). Journal on philosophy of cinema. Articles in English Žižek studies journal. Articles in English Journal of Central and Eastern European visual culture Network of contemporary artists. Austrian journal on contemporary art and publishing “Springerin” (in German and English). Website dedicated to contemporary art, literature, translation Zombie-telepathic and performative online-newspaper about art Internet structure on media art and research. Topics include: Aestethics of the Digital, Image-Sound-Relations, Cyborg Bodies, Generative Tools, Photo/Byte, Art and Cinematography, Mapping and Text, Public Sphere_s. Bilingual version (German/English).