NEIGHBOURS Urban Project in Kyiv. Program of Events:

September 16 – 28, 2018

16 September, 12:00 Botanical Workshop with Anastasia Kolenkova

During September 16-19, we invite you to the Botanical Workshop of the green space worker Anastasia Kolenkova. Participants will explore possible ways of coexistence of people and local plants and try to create a landscape design that won’t disrupt the existing harmony.

19 September, 18:00 The Tour to Petrivska street (meeting at Lvivska sq. next to the Billa shop)

Sasha Burlaka will tell about layering of urban contexts around the Yar area, about its history, some old and new elements and objects which disappear and emerge again. Formografia design studio, along with participants of the 5-day master class, will briefly talk about the results of their work with use of exclusively those building materials they have found in the area. They will tell about wood and metal constructions that correspond to the requests for the infrastructure for the local community.

20 September, 19:00 Mattia Pretolani Figures of the Negative: Elements for an Architecture of Contradiction

In his Negative Dialectics, T.W. Adorno theorised philosophical dialectics in order to persist in a state of contradiction, avoiding resolutions within affirmative-wise actions. Would it be possible to translate these precepts to the architectural and design practice?

21 September, 19:00 Agency of architecture. Small projects by Tomasz Świetlik

In the talk Tomasz will present some of his work including Stage, Świetlica Matejki, Spectacle Square, and some small projects like Sandthing (sculpture in the info photos). He will talk about how they have been designed and how they work.

22 September, 17:00  Zakeep party and Graffiti battle

23 September

12:00  DIYstvо festival

14:00 Anarchitectural communas, a lecture by Dana Kosmina 

The participatory construction and creation of new communities that are independent of the state administration are quite hidden from the general urban view. Places of absolute freedom, where there is no vertical distribution of power and there is a domination of laws of self-organization, become a kind of exotic islands situating far from the urbanized continent.

Dana Kosmina is an architect and artist, co-founder of the city interventions open group Pylorama. From 2017 member of Hudrada curatorial group. From 2017 co-founder of DA style union of the modernist uniform creators.

16:00 Concert

28 September, 20:00 Landslide XL (2016/18) (dir. Oleksiy Radynski) screening

Film about an attempt to build “a society, which will be radically different from everything else that surrounds us”). This attempt is taking place in the very center of the Kyiv city, in the area reclaimed by the forces of nature. Landslide, degradation of urban politics and disintegration of social ties led to the emergence of anarchic, uncontrolled enclave in the city.