Zigendemonic “Killing Time in Web”

4th – 12th of October 2014
at Petrivska 30/34, Kyiv

Visual Culture Research Center presents
Killing Time in Web exhibition by Zigendemonic

“This work is about a state of mind that you experience when you are serfing internet way too long, about visual information overdose, about seeing hundreds, or even thousands of images everyday, which travel from real world to our consciousness. In moments of extreme fatigue, after another all day long internet blogs scrolling, you have very bright dreams. If dream deprivation exceeds normal borders – the flow of images appears, even if you close your eyes for a moment. This state is painful but at the same time beautiful. After some time you want to overburn yourself once more, to experience again those pseudo-hallucinations” – Zigendemonic.

«Killing Time in Web» is a hallucination and hypnosis at the same time. It’s not just telling you about overdosing of visual images, it is designed to invoke this overdose, to infect with those hallucinations, to penetrate dreams. Overdosing is just a method, way of producing visions, which tells about something intimate but so familiar to everyone.

Soundtrack by Myztical

Exhibition works on demand October 4 – October 12
Address: Kyiv, Petrivska Str., 34.