Lecture by Fabrice Escaffre. Spatial Segregation? The Geographer’s Approach


Thursday, 8 December 2016, 19:00

Such notions as “urban ghetto,” “territorial apartheid” are often used in France to talk about social division of urban spaces, more importantly about particular territories, where people with low income rates live. The debates around this issue are very diverse.

Geographer and urban planning expert Fabrice Escaffre will present this problematic and tell how we are to define such situation, how it is to be compared, researched and explained, as well as about social, urban and political questions, raised by it.

Fabrice Escaffre is a professor at the Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès and a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Urban Studies. He explored the issues in the functioning of public spaces. He is currently conducting a research on housing from the point of view of its use, its place in the construction of territories and its consideration by public action. He has also recently worked on the issue of territorial strategies, particularly towards sensitive aspects of urban environment. Within the Department of Geography-Planning-Environment of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès University, he coordinates the Masters Program “Cities, Housing and Ecological Transition”.

The lecture continues the course City – Discrimination, Segregation, Integration – French Experience, developed by the French Institute in Ukraine, exploring these issues from historical, sociological, and demographic perspectives.

The lecture will be delivered in French with consecutive interpretation into Ukrainian.

Admission is free

Organizer – l’Institut Français d’Ukraine


Partner – Visual Culture Research Center

Supported by: ERSTE Stiftung та Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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