October 4-7, 2012

Mystetskyi Arsenal

12 Lavrska St.

Magazine Hall

Events by “Political Critique”, “Prostory”, “Commons”, Translators and Writers Union and Visual Culture Research Center at the II International Arsenal Book Festival

Common political space makes a special type of agora or a public platform for presentations, debates, meetings of intellectuals, artists, activists, translators, critics, theoreticians. The active quality of such platform will let the participants and anyone interested meet and work together creating an intellectual workroom as a form of political action.

October 4, Thursday

14:30-15:00. Women and language: a talk on the politics of using feminitive forms. Participants: Olena Synchak, Halyna Yarmanova. Moderator: Kateryna Mishchenko.

15:30-16:50.   Legal workshop for translators. With copyright law expert Serhiy Petrenko. Moderators: Maryna Aleksandrovych and Iryna Troskot.

17:00-18:20.   Enemy vs. alien: on racism in science and society. Presentation of magazines “Political Critique”, “Commons”, and the book “Greeks, Arabs, and Us”. Participants: Nina Potarska, Andriy Ryepa, Vasyl Cherepanyn. Moderator: Anastasia Riabchuk.

18:30-20:00.   Faith, politics, love: presentation of magazines “Political Critique” and “Prostory”. Participants: Kateryna Mishchenko, Andriy Ryepa, Vasyl Cherepanyn. Moderator: Yevgeniya Belorusets.

October 5, Friday

15:00-16:20.   Presentation of “Labour and the Labour Movement in Ukraine” project and screening of the film “Kherson Machine-Building Plant”. Participants: Vitaliy Atanasov and Anastasia Riabchuk.

16:30-17:30.   The arbitrariness of speech: a talk on translatability of the obscene and a reading of texts from the 5th issue of “Prostory” “Faith, Porn, Love”. Participants: Oleksandra Hryhorenko, Olesya Kamyshnykova, Serhiy Orzhekhovsky. Moderator: Iryna Sobchenko.

17:40-19:00.   Presentation of “Commons” magazine: new social critique in Ukraine. Participants: Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ihor Samokhin. Moderator: Anastasia Riabchuk.

October 6, Saturday

14:00-16:00.   Translating the alike: Ukrainian-Polish workshop. Moderator: Oleksandra Bratchuk.

16:30-17:30. Translating the alike: debate and reading. Participants: Bohdan Zadura, Aneta Kaminska, Halyna Kruk, Vasyl Lozynsky, Ostap Slyvynsky. Moderator: Oleksandra Bratchuk.

17:40-19:00. Eros and sport: presentation of the 4th issue of “Political Critique” and a special issue of “Prostory” “Eros 2012”. Participants: Lesya Kulchinska, Kateryna Mishchenko, Oleksiy Radynsky. Moderator: Vasyl Cherepanyn.

19:00-20:00.   “The pleasure of contemplation”: presentation of the Ukrainian edition of Franz Kafka’s collection of short stories “Contemplation”, styled as the primary edition of 1912. With Vasyl Lozynsky, author of idea and translator. Moderator: Andriy Ryepa.

October 7, Sunday

11:00-13:00.   Ukrainian-Polish translating workshops. Moderator: Oleksandra Bratchuk.

14:00-15:00.   Freedom, translation, solidarity: discussion about translation as a political strategy. With members of the Translators and Writers Union. Moderator: Kateryna Mishchenko.

16:00-18:00.   Forget fear: presentation of the 4th issue of “Political Critique” with the art director of the edition, chief curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale Artur Zmiewski. Participants: Lesya Kulchinska, Oleksiy Radynsky. Moderator: Vasyl Cherepanyn.

“Political Critique” is the Ukrainian edition of the magazine “Krytyka Polityczna”, the first international publishing project by the intellectual community of the same name, which emerged in Poland at the beginning of the 2000s.

“Prostory” is an independent platform on literature and art, which includes an online magazine, public cultural events and a printed periodical.

“Commons” is a collective project focused on analyzing social reality on a national and a global scale.

Translators and Writers Union is an initiative founded by translators of fiction and nonfiction literature and writers for protecting their rights and professional development.

Visual Culture Research Center is a platform for collaboration of artists, activists and researchers founded in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2008. Since April 2012 VCRC resides at Zhovten cinema.