Film screening: “Maidan Dreaming: Kyiv’s Move Towards Europe”

Photo: Deutche Welle

Photo: Deutsche Welle

Monday, November, 14, 19.00

Three years on many of the revolutionaries are disappointed. Despite pressure from the EU and Washington, Ukrainian leaders refuse to destroy old structures. The conflict in eastern Ukraine with rebels backed by Moscow is hindering Ukraine’s move towards the west. But the spirit of Maidan lives on in creative young people, especially in the capital Kyiv. These musicians, fashion designers and artists could radically change post-Soviet Ukraine.

Reporter Frank Hofmann spent the summer accompanying some of these young creative minds who are still living the Maidan dream.


“Maidan Dreaming: Kyiv’s Move Towards Europe”, 43′, 2016
Frank Hofmann

Deutsche Welle


Free entrance.

Organized by Goethe-Institut.


Supported by: ERSTE Stiftung та Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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