Premiere screening of the film SNAILS (director’s cut) by Maryna Vroda


Saturday, 15 October 2016, 19:00

Snails. A never-ending walk of two friends through the landscapes of post-Soviet country. Who will win: landscape, or guys?

“One of the characters is back from Kyiv to his home grounds. At first glance, it might seem that he is no different than others, but there is something alien in his behavior. The other has lived here all his life. This is his land. Beautiful, yet brutal, it is both the epitome of rural idyll, and affirmation of the “rural life idiocy,” as well as the example of particular melancholic beauty, which can only be found in almost abandoned industrial spaces of the former Soviet Union. Much is hidden behind the character’s conflict. Here different viewers will see the generation portrait, sociological research of the current crisis, and the story about a touching, almost romantic, youngster’s friendship. Any of these views can be considered correct, yet these meanings are completely disseminated in surrounding nature. Like Poussin’s landscape, Snails not only tell the human story, but also the story of trees, hills, bridges, and railroad tracks.” – Maksim Semenov for Séance magazine.

Snails, 27’, 2014

Director: Maryna Vroda
Screenplay: Maryna Vroda
Cameraman: Volodymyr Ivanov
Sound: Mariya Nesterenko, Artem Mostovyi
Production: Ihor Savychenko, Kyrylo Shuvalov, Maryna Vroda
Actors: Dmytro Yaroshenko, Valeriy Berest
Country: Ukraine

Director’s talk will take place after the screening.

Admission is free

Maryna Vroda (1982, Ukraine) graduated in 2007 from the Kiev National University of Theatre, Cinematography and Television. Following her graduation, she had the chance to work with Sergei Loznitsa on his film My Joy (2010). Her short film Cross won the Palme d’Or for shorts at the 2011 Cannes Film festival and was screened at the 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam. Filmography: The Family Portrait (2006), The Oath (2007), The Rain (2007), Cross (2011), Snails (2014), Penguin (documentary, 2015).

Supported by: ERSTE Stiftung and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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