Lecture and workshop on Internet security

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 19:00

Data Encryption: Delusion or Information Hygiene

Account cracking in social networks, identity thefts, “hacker” attacks and viruses, omnipresent surveillance – every Internet user today appears to be on the kind of information war “front line.” However, unlike big corporations, or security services, we usually do not own any resources to protect our online activity.

During the event Ksenia Yermoshina will talk about the latest European trends in data encryption and information security. Her lecture will be followed by a workshop, conducted by Vadym Gudyma, on the individual digital security risks assessment. We will discuss the differences between digital threats in Ukraine and Europe, correct evaluation of your own risks, and the reason why the issue of encryption is so important in public debates and expert discussions on the future development of the Internet.

Ksenia Yermoshina is specialized in civil web technologies and cryptography. She holds a PhD from École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech), major – socio-economy of innovation. She is an organizer of TransCyberien crypto party. Her research focuses on sociology of science and technology, actor-network theory, information security, cryptography, etc.

Vadym Gudyma is a digital security coach for journalists and activists. He consults Ukrainian and international organizations on the issue of privacy protection and responsible use of the data. He is the first fellow in the field of Responsible Data and Privacy within the framework of School of Data international network.

Admission is free

Supported by ERSTE Stiftung and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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