Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie. Experimental music concert

Sunday, 10 September 2017, 19:00

Biblioteq Mdulair is an orchestra made of some 15 analogue function generators for four hands played by Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz. With its oscilloscopes, sinusoidals, and frequency sweeps, Biblioteq Mdulair is a sound installation producing all kind of waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickling resonances, and creating breathing beats. Those primitive electronics machines bring the sound space down to a magma of waves for a dizzying acoustactile experience.

The Synkie is a modular open source analog video processor, developed by Michael Egger, Flo Kaufmann and Max Egger. Like the venerable modular Moog synthesizer it lets you toy around with the signal using patch cables – but this time not producing sound but images. It is an instrument for video, a playground, a platform to explore new ways to transform a video signal.

The public that will enter this intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations will be brought down to various atmospheres, from a soft stroll to an earthquake.

Admission is free

Supported by Pro Helvetia, ERSTE Stiftung and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation:

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