From Springtime of the Peoples to Springtime of the Classes?

On October 18, at 19:00 Visual Culture Research Center opens a debate dedicated to the protests of nowadays.

Street protest today is perhaps the only access path for the masses to democratic politics. However, in the countries most severely hit by the crisis demonstrations of thousands of people are being supressed with batons. In Ukraine so far protests are predominantly combated legally – through banning them in court decisions and restricting public gatherings in new bills. Visual Culture Research Center invites to discuss the variety of forms of protest action today, the possibilities and menaces the protesters are facing.

The debate is taking place in the framework of the exhibition Democracies by Artur Zmijewski, which consists of film series documenting various political actions around the globe.


Denys Horbach – journalist, Independent Workers Union activist

Volodymyr Ishchenko – sociologist (Centre for Society Research), lecturer at Sociology Department of NaUKMA

Andriy Ryepa – philosopher, translator


Inna Sovsun – political scientist (Centre for Society Research), lecturer at Political Science Department of NaUKMA