Opening of the Residency of Electronic Music «Nachtkultur / Нічна культура»

Public discussion «Who is dancing?»
19 July 2019, Friday, at 19:00
MetaCulture (Kyiv, 31 Nyzhnyoyurkivska street)

Kyiv’s music scene, despite its popularity abroad, remains in an uncertain position here in Ukraine. Attacks on ravers and LGBTQIs by far-right extremists, lack of adequate drug policies, precariousness of cultural activists and overall conservative public consensus destroy possibilities for asserting freedom of speech, inclusion and social diversity.

On the other hand, Berlin’s Love Parade-era drive was absorbed by reality of capitalism; the emancipative potential of the electronic music scene was used to create just another tourist artifact.

The acute shortage of political alternatives requires joint efforts of all stakeholders. Discussants will offer their critique of night culture and will also try to articulate its possible socio-political dimensions.

Participants: Lou Drago (Cashmere Radio), Lukas Grundmann (Cashmere Radio), Maya Baklanova (Tight Magazine, Схеmа), Yustyna Kravchuk (Visual Culture Research Center), moderator – Nazarii Sovsun (Visual Culture Research Center).

The event will be held in English.

Music event
20 July 2019, Saturday, at 19:00
20ft Radio (Kyiv, 31 Nyzhnyoyurkivska street)

Acid Jordan b2b Tofudj
Diser Tape
Sasha Very

Elissa Suckdog
Lou Drago
Lukas Grundmann
Mari Matsutoya
Ross Alexander
Wilted Woman (DJ Puddle)

Admission to all events will be free of charge.

“Nachtkultur / Нічна культура” is the residency of electronic music, which will be held from July 16 to July 28, 2019 in Kyiv based on the Audiodrag studio. It aims to foster intercultural dialogue and engage young people in social action. The residency is a “MEET UP! Pitching winner».

Organized by Cashmere Radio (Berlin, Germany) and Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv, Ukriane)
Team: Lukas Grundmann, Artem Illin, Kateryna Nikolenko, Nazarii Sovsun

Partners: Audiodrag, MetaCulture, 20ft Radio.

Supported by German Federal Foreign Office and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

The project is implemented within the framework of the „MEET UP! Deutsch-ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen“ program.