“In Charge of the Edition”

October 26, Friday, 19:00Visual Culture Research Center presents the exhibition In Charge of the Edition by Olexander Burlaka, Anastasia Ryabova and Maxim Spivakov. The project is dedicated to the visual accompaniment of the election procedure, the intervention of the election campaign into the urban space which transforms the cognitive landscape and creates the illusion of political action.

The campaign transforms the city into the space of the obtrusive self-representation of the agents of political competition. Leading up their visual presence to the point of absurdity, a palette of candidates simulates the variety of choice as the election itself simulates a possibility to choose. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Elections of People’s Deputies”, a citizen has the right to exercise free choice of political preferences without the influence of propaganda only on the day of silence. Through photography, video and installation the artists offer to rethink such illusory possibility.

In Charge of the Edition is the third show in the Unrendered Spaces ongoing exhibition project, which includes a series of expositions dedicated to the strategies of perception of environment inside and outside the city, the possibilities of its exploration by the means of art. Concentrated on the points of perceptive conflict, multiple interpretations of the living space, the project aims at playing out the political, social, aesthetic zones of tension by redefining it.

The exhibition is open until November 18, Tuesday – Sunday, from 17:00 to 21:00